Den smukke natur omkring Risø

Decommissioning is a technical term describing the dismantling of and the cleaning up after primarily chemical and nuclear facilities.


DD is responsible for decommissioning the nuclear facilities at Risoe and receives,  handles and stores all radioactive waste in Denmark.

Danish Decommissioning [DD] was established on September 15 2003 as an institution under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. DD is responsible for decommissioning, i.e. dismantling, the nuclear facilities formerly attached to Risø - National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy.

DD is located at the scenic peninsula Risoe, 6 km north of the city of Roskilde and approximately 35 km vest of Copenhagen.

There are 6 nuclear facilities; 3 research reactors, DR 1, 2 and 3, a fuel fabrication facility, a hot cell facility and a waste management plant. According to plan the project will be concluded no later than 2023.

In addition to the decommissioning project, DD is responsible for:

  • maintaining the nuclear facilities until these have been fully decommissioned
  • receiving, treating and storing radioactive waste from Danish users of radioactive materials
  • contributing to a long-term solution for Danish low-level and medium-level radioactive waste.

Safety and high quality have great priority. DD adheres to international standards and co-operates with international experts and authorities. DD consults a panel of experts which comment on project description, choice of methods and the likes.

A number of DD employees have extensive contact to international collegues as well as attend national and international conferences and networks. Read more about our international co-operations.